A little about us..

We are Devon's greenest cleaning company providing Home and Commercial cleaning. We work hard to provide a high-quality, professional service with fair prices so that you can keep your your home and workplaces clean and tidy to allow you more time to enjoy the good things in life.


CleanEco started in Totnes, Devon over 18 years ago and prides itself on providing an enviornmentally friendly cleaning and household support service using environmentally friendly products and processes.  We offset our Carbon footprint where possible and work with our clients to agree sustainable working practices.


We now list Schools, Construction sites, Shops, Offices, Holiday lets, 5* Holiday Lodges, Flat communal maintenance, Glamping Tents, Cinemas and Domestic private tenants amongst our clients.

Our Team


Our team of friendly and experienced staff are there to brighten up your day and ensure your property is cleaned to the highest of standards.


Owner and Managing Director is Emma Moore who manages the day to day operations of CleanEco and ensures customer and staff satifaction are our main priorities. 


Our Ethics


We really value cleaning and the work our cleaners do.

They are trained and paid well to do a good job and take pride in their work.  We recruit locally and support the local economy.


Their work is monitored, but they are also given the freedom to use their own initiative in how they approach the job.


Thus our cleaners are enabled to work to a consistently high standard leading to all-round satisfaction between the customer, the cleaner, and us.


It also means that we enjoy high levels of staff loyalty and retention, which has a positive effect on our ability to maintain standards of delivery.


We practice ethical trading with our customers: we see the relationship between ourselves, client and cleaner as one of mutual respect, honesty and consideration.

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