Elmkind Cleaning Products

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We use only the most environmentally friendly cleaning products in our cleaning services, using locally made, sustainable and refillable elmkind products.

Love the smell and want to purchase them for your own use? Our regular customers get 10% off all elmkind products.


elmkind products are handmade in Devon, they are non toxic, natural products, that are scented with only natural fragrances from organic essential oils. 


To reduce our carbon footprint we reuse and refill these aluminium bottles again and again.


We use these products because not only do they smell incredible but they work extremely well too and contain no nasty chemicals.





Highlights of the products:


- The company is transparent about what is in the products so you know exactly what is being used in your home

- No toxic ingreidents

- They come in aluminium bottles that are refillable so no more single use plastic spray bottles

- You can refill the bottles with their concentrated refill bottles (which also come in aluminium bottles)

- Vegan Friendly

- Contains No Palm oil

- Not tested on animals

- Made in Devon

- With every purchase you'll be donating to charities like Animals in Distress & Surfers against sewage


... and so much more, check out their products using the button below for further info.

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